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Why do we adore vintage?

Be it black and white photographs, antique furniture, classic cars or 50s fashion – vintage looks continue to charm us. But where does this enduring fascination come from?

Perhaps it’s down to nostalgia for "the good old days"; a time before many of us were even born – a simpler era, often romanticised in books and movies, when everyone seemed impeccably groomed and elegantly dressed. Or maybe it’s about standing apart from the masses with a one-off heritage piece and the panache of contrasting old with new. Whatever the reason, vintage continues to enjoy great popularity.

And this legacy enthusiasm leads us right here to Neo Vintage by CHARMANT Titanium Perfection.

While we at CHARMANT have often incorporated retro inspirations into selected product lines in recent seasons, we now have a set range of exclusive Neo Vintage frames under the umbrella of the CHARMANT Titanium Perfection brand.

These models combine all of the new, high-tech goodies we expect from this premium brand with exciting, on-trend heritage notes. Made entirely of Japanese titanium, these frames are particularly lightweight and durable. As for quality, these styles, like all CHARMANT products, underwent tough school assessments that go well beyond the obligatory CE tests - and they passed!

And as for design? We would say: modern, iconic and simply cool!

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