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Tips to best protect your eyesight

Without doubt, our eyesight is highly significant for us to enjoy a good, healthy lifestyle. As we grow older, the risk of vision loss becomes greater. To maintain good eyesight even in old age and to protect your eyes, here are a few guidelines which are easy to follow.




    Find out if you are at a higher risk of eye diseases

    Suffering from high blood pressure or aged over 65 increases your risk of sight-threatening eye diseases. Also, you should check your family’s health history. If you or any of your family suffers from diabetes you’re also at a higher risk. It is very important to have your eyes regularly examined. An early diagnosis can help preserve your eyesight and limit the risk of vision loss.


    Get regular eye-checks – at least every two years

    Regular eye examinations will not only ensure that your prescription glasses are still correct. A thorough eye examination can help detect eye diseases which may not have early warning signs or symptoms, such as diabetic retinopathy.


    Be aware of changes in your vision

    If you notice changes in your vision, this could be a warning sign and you should immediately make an appointment with your doctor. A hazy or double vision or problems seeing in low-light conditions are symptoms you should take seriously. Other potentially serious eye problems are frequent light flashes, red eyes, floaters, swelling and eye pain.


    Regular exercise activities are also good for your eyesight

    Regular exercise such as walking is good for your health and also for your eyesight, as some studies suggest. It may reduce the risk of macular degeneration due to old age by up to 70 per cent.


      Protect your eyes from UV light

      UV light can harm the eyes. When outdoors, sunglasses with UV protection are highly recommended. They protect your eyes from harmful UV light. In addition, the risk of cataracts, pinguecula and other eye problems may be reduced.


      Avoid smoking

      It is a well-known fact that smoking is detrimental to one’s health. Smokers are more likely to suffer from age-related macular degeneration, uveitis, cataracts and other eye problems. Why not quit smoking altogether?


        Eat healthy

        A balanced diet containing antioxidants is beneficial to your general well-being, as many studies have shown. Antioxidants may also reduce the risk of cataracts. They are contained in fruit and colourful or dark green vegetables.Eating fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids may reduce your risk of developing macular degeneration.



        With these tips, you can take useful steps to keep your eyesight healthy for as long as possible. So never miss out on regular eye examinations again! And with an appropriate lifestyle you can significantly increase your chance to enjoy good vision in later life.

        STAY HEALTHY! :-)

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