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Corporate Social Responsibility

As one of the leading manufacturers worldwide of high-quality spectacle frames and medical instruments, the CHARMANT Group always looks to the future and to making a significant contribution in improving the quality of life of people within our scope of activity. This carries a great degree of responsibility which not only applies to our products and how they are manufactured, but also to all stakeholders including our employees, environmental protection and social commitment towards the society in which we live and work.

The guiding principle of sustainable development therefore underpins all of our corporate social responsibility activities. We believe that the integrative consideration of economic, ecological and social aspects ensures long-term corporate success and at the same time creates social benefits.

CHARMANT Group regards Human Capital, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) as important aspects of its overall corporate activities and is proactively addressing these themes.

Human Capital

We, CHARMANT Group, are committed to respect human rights, diversity, gender equality and equal employment opportunities to reflect social conditions. In addition, we embrace the individuality of all employees and strive to create an enjoyable and nurturing working environment to enable abilities to flourish.


We, CHARMANT Group, are committed to respecting the wonders of nature and are engaged to proactively preserve the environment for the future generations.


We, CHARMANT Group, pledge to contribute to the development of society through our business activities whilst respecting the differences in culture and customs in all the regions, societies and countries in which we operate.


We, CHARMANT Group, always comply with legal requirements and have robust risk management processes. The Group is also committed to enhancing quality of life and endeavours to increase its corporate value through innovative products and services.

CHARMANT's CSR Statement

CHARMANT Philosophy, Guiding Principles & Code of Conduct

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