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Ad Lib eyewear – the name speaks for itself. As its definition implies, Ad Lib (short for “ad libitum”) means “being free” or “off the cuff”. Ad Lib eyewear takes this spontaneous sentiment and expresses it as a vibrant, young titanium eyewear brand.

colourful titanium glasses


Ad Lib was born of the idea of creating Titanium frames for people seeking high-quality eyewear spiced up by modern colours and cool design.


Its roots lie in European design and its inspiration from dynamic trends in global fashion, sports, technology and pop culture. It is a fusion of Japanese high-end manufacturing technology and European design directions.

titanium glasses for women

Ad Lib never stands still.

titanium glasses for men

Diverse and original, Ad Lib eyewear is a collection that reinvents itself over and over again.

It is the perfect brand for all those life-loving people with a youthful outlook who want to wear eyewear that expresses exactly this positive attitude.