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  • Line Art CHARMANT

    Line Art CHARMANT

About the brand

Inspired by the beauty of music, LineArt CHARMANT represents a rare synergy of technological achievement and aesthetic perfection through advanced designs.  Flexible and sleek, the distinctive Excellence Titan strands are masterfully crafted to enhance the beauty of each wearer.  Its singular lightness of wear, striking profiles, and incomparable comfort culminate to provide an eyewear collection like no other.

Excellence Titan, the feature material utilized in LineArt frames, is a titanium alloy that retains titanium’s strength and durability, but is also highly flexible and offers a superb memory function—yet still hypoallergenic.

LineArt is a synergistic masterpiece, showcasing the perfect combination of high-tech and beauty to provide a new generation of eyewear in which expression of emotion and function form a harmonious unit.

Line Art has already won the following prizes:

  • 2nd prize in the luxury category of presigious Les Ponts d'Or 2014
  • Good Design Award 2013
  • Monodzukuri Grand Awards 2012
  • Laser Industry Contribution Award 2011

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