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    Eyewear Lexicon

 Eyewear Lexicon

Full Rim

The most traditional style of optical frames. This style most securely hold the lenses as they are entirely encased within the frame.


A dense, soft, and malleable metal bright yellow in color.  It does not tarnish when exposed to air or water.

18ct (composed of 75% gold) or 14ct (composed of 58% gold) are generally used in eyewear, while 24ct (pure gold) is too soft and therefore not suitable for eyewear.

German Silver

Otherwise known as nickel silver; it is an alloy containing copper, zinc, and nickel. Traditionally used in eyewear production.

Gold Plating

An electrical process of surface treatment used to cover a material with ionized metal (gold). It embellishes the frame and makes it corrosion-resistant.

Heat Transfer

A process used to decorate the frame by transferring the patterns from a decorated paper onto the frame.


The part of the frame that connects the frame front with the temple piece. Its function is to open and close the temple.

Half Rim

A frame style that uses a nylon cord to hold the lens; the rims are almost invisible.

Hard Coating

A coating to prevent a lens from getting scratched. 

Hydrophobic Coating

A lens coating that repels oil and water.

Ion Plating

A color coating technique used exclusively for titanium frames wherein a hard metallic compound is adhered to the frame through a chemical reaction between gas and ions in a plasma space. It embellishes the frame and reinforces the corrosion-resistant properties of the frame. This plating method is very eco-friendly, as it uses little water.