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    Eyewear Lexicon

 Eyewear Lexicon


The part of the frame responsible for holding the lens. It also determines the shape of the lens.

Rim Lock

The small lock part on a rim wire used to open or close the rim when mounting the lens.


A frame style without a rim wire. The lenses are drilled and mounted directly onto the chassis. The style maintains the most natural facial impression as there is no border around the lenses. 


A shape close to the perfect circle. E.g. John Lennon's glasses.



Stainless Steel

A type of steel used in frame manufacturing.  It is corrosion-resistant, durable and lightweight.


A welding process employed to join separate metal parts. Metal pieces are joined with heat which acts to fuse the individual pieces.

Spray Color

A process of coloring in which powdered paint is sprayed and the colored surface is calcified. Spray color provides a variety of color expressions and embellishes the frame.

Spring Hinge

A hinge with a spring mechanism for comfortable wear. The hinge prevents the frame from deforming when putting it on or taking it off by releasing the tension.


A lightweight and corrosion-resistant metal. Titanium requires a high level of processing and surface treatment in eyewear production.

Its weight is half of nickel silver.


Commonly referred to as the “arm” of the frame, the temples extend from the frame front to the end tip, resting over the ears and holding the frame in place.

Z Titanium

A titanium alloy consisting of titanium, zirconium-titanium and niobium. The material is also used in the medical field as it is light, elastic, gentle, and safe for the human body. The frame provides a softer and gentler wearing comfort than that of Pure or Beta titanium.