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  • Philosophy


Since its foundation in 1956, CHARMANT Group has grown from a manufacturer of optical spare parts to become one of the World leaders in the creation of high quality, state-of-the-art eyewear. 

Our vision

High Quality

CHARMANT Group is renowned for its high quality eyewear and enviable Customer Service record.


CHARMANT is well known for its innovative approach to the materials used in the creation of its eyewear. Using their own technology and research, CHARMANT create some of the most innovative and cutting-edge production techniques in the World today.


Following a strict philosophy towards honest pricing, CHARMANT Group offers its high-quality eyewear at an affordable price.

Brand identity

The success of CHARMANT Group, in respect to its house brands and licensed brands, lies in the company’s dedication to ensuring individual brand identities are maintained, making them unique and recognisable in the market.


CHARMANT Group has always succeeded in keeping its promise of perfection and dedicated Customer Service, whilst never forgetting the aspirations and requirements of the consumer.

Be the best partner

The ultimate goal for CHARMANT Group is the cultivation of excellent relationships with its business partners and customers.