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  • Milestones


  • 1956

    Kaoru Horikawa establishes the CHARMANT Group in Japan, manufacturing high class, spare parts for the optical industry.

  • 1975

    CHARMANT Group establishes their own brands and expands into the domestic Eyewear Market, specialising in the development of innovative new eyewear designs created from advanced materials. Thanks to an integrated sales system, the company has now turned into a thriving, high-quality frames manufacturer.

  • 1980

    CHARMANT's continued expansion now leads them into the global market with an increasing export business. They have now become leaders in the pioneering use of titanium as an optical material.

  • 1982

    With the launch of a US office, CHARMANT Group becomes the first Japanese company to operate a foreign subsidiary.

  • 1987

    CHARMANT GmbH Europe is founded and the first CHARMANT TITANIUM PERFECTION collection is launched. CHARMANT is now seen by The Global Optical Industry as a leader in the production of premium titanium frames.

  • 1995

    A new phase begins for the CHARMANT Group and in 1995 they introduce the first licensed brand.

  • 2006

    CHARMANT create a subsidiary in mainland China (Shanghai). The International License Division is founded in Germany to best serve the business and co-operate with license partners.

  • 2009

    CHARMANT invent "Excellence Titan", an innovative, new, titanium alloy and launch their signature brand "LineArt CHARMANT" (which features this new material), to a World-wide audience.

  • Today

    • One of today's World leaders of eyewear manufacture and distribution.
    • Japan's leading producer of eyewear.
    • CHARMANT operates a direct sales network within many of the the World’s major countries.
    • More than 65 countries are serviced through a distributor partnership.
    • CHARMANT produces over 6 million pieces of eyewear per year