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A new Eyewear collection for Europe


Two accomplished brands join forces to create exciting new women`s eyewear

It all started with a wish. The global leader in titanium eyewear wanted to broaden its women’s segment by adding a fashionable limited edition range - something colourful and graphic that would inspire and captivate women.

Now, for the first time, CHARMANT is collaborating with a French designer. Caroline Abram presents her brand of modern French chic in an unprecedented and exciting new collaboration with the CHARMANT Group.

In colourful titanium material, this capsule collection, featuring 11 models, maintains the essence of the CHARMANT brand while channelling the feminine sensitivity of Caroline Abram. This is a collection for elegant, confident women that is inspired by their beauty, mystique and modern lifestyle.

This is the birth of an alliance between precision and sensuality, quality and elegance, strength and comfort.

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