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French Design Meets Japanese Technology

Since early 2019 we have been collaborating with the French designer Caroline Abram.

Bowled over by the charisma and creativity of this Parisian creative force and impressed by the strength of the Caroline Abram brand, we were delighted to partner up on this exceptional cooperation. And the results have been truly impressive!



Made in Japan, highest comfort and quality are the beating heart of these eyewear looks, not to mention the high quality titanium composition. Each model captures the eye with its unique visual features while at the same time drawing attention to the fine femininity of the frame lines and the beauty of the face.



So far the collection consists of five disparate design themes: THE COQUETTE, THE INTREPID, THE DISCREET, THE ENCHANTING and THE SEDUCTIVE. So there is a chic style for every taste.

Explore the collection and see for yourself!


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