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As eyewear manufacturers, we are driven by passion. It’s our mission to make a lasting contribution to the improvement of people’s quality of life and to the well-being of society through innovative products and services.


We are from Japan



Our roots are in Japan, a country that is as diverse as it is fascinating. Here is where the CHARMANT Group was founded in 1956 by Kaoru Horikawa.

Even though today we operate globally, we stay true to our original Japanese values. Our corporate philosophy and manufacturing ethos are driven by these values, ensuring that precision and quality always take first priority in everything we do.


We are passionate about eyewear



Entrepreneurship is our strong root from which we have grown. Our passion for eyewear, the spirit of innovation and the ever-new challenges we seek have made us what we are today.


We are titanium experts



As a pioneer in the processing of high quality titanium in spectacle frames, the name CHARMANT has become synonymous with quality within the eyewear industry.

We are visionaries



As an eye and healthcare specialist, our primary goal is to enhance the lives of people worldwide through our actions. These actions are based on our socially, environmentally and economically sustainable mindset.


We are trusted partners



We attach great importance to fairness and trust in working with our business partners, our stakeholders and our global business networks. We see it as our responsibility to our business partners and customers to think things through carefully and act with reflection.


We embrace the difference



We believe that diversity enriches everything and keeps it alive. That is why we attach great importance to fairness and respect for all people and the things that surround us.