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Inspired by the spirit of music, Line Art CHARMANT expresses a harmonious blend of serenity and joie de vivre. The frame possesses an elegant charm, with an ultra-modern fashion statement. Constructed of Excellence Titan, it is highly flexible and hypoallergenic—offering a superior wearing comfort and unlimited design options thanks to its special memory function. An authentic style for a person who expects nothing but the best, arraying sophistication, and originality. Line Art CHARMANT is unique and exclusive. A melodious orchestra of technology and art. 

A fusion of technology and art, of design and inspiration.

elegant titanium glasses for women

Beneath Line Art CHARMANT’s graceful touch and striking aesthetics lies a sophisticated technical approach that makes these frames as tenacious as they are captivating: the processing of Excellence Titan™. This material was specially developed by CHARMANT Group as a material that embodies the highest wearing comfort.


Line Art CHARMANT was created to use the most out of the latest titanium technology.

elegant women's eyewear
Japanese craftsmanship
Japanese titanium frames for women