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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a leader in the delivery of high-quality optical frames, sunglasses and medical equipment to the world, CHARMANT Group has always looked to the future while making efforts to improve the quality of life for all.

Today, the world faces many challenges that must be confronted to realise a sustainable society and planet. We believe that tackling these issues and solving problems through business creates value for an organisation.

As an international company, we not only provide innovative products and services, we also take the environment into consideration throughout the supply chain, respect the human rights of all people, including our employees, and contribute to each country and community where we operate. In short, we are committed to fulfilling our social responsibilities.

The CHARMANT Group aims to be a sustainable community and company through the integrated consideration of economic, ecological and social issues.


CHARMANT Group positions Human Resources (H) and Environment, Society and Governance (ESG) as important aspects of all corporate activities, and actively works to optimise them for the greater sustainable good.

Concretely, CHARMANT prioritises crucial social issues for society and stakeholders by engaging with and following established Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability principles and guidelines such as ISO26000, as well as by contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Human Capital

We, CHARMANT Group, are committed to respect human rights, diversity, gender equality and equal employment opportunities to reflect social conditions. In addition, we embrace the individuality of all employees and strive to create an enjoyable and nurturing working environment to enable abilities to flourish.

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We, CHARMANT Group, are committed to respecting the wonders of nature and are engaged to proactively preserve the environment for the future generations.

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We, CHARMANT Group, pledge to contribute to the development of society through our business activities whilst respecting the differences in culture and customs in all the regions, societies and countries in which we operate.

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We, CHARMANT Group, always comply with legal requirements and have robust risk management processes. The Group is also committed to enhancing quality of life and endeavours to increase its corporate value through innovative products and services.

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CHARMANT's CSR Statement

CHARMANT Philosophy, Guiding Principles & Code of Conduct