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We proudly look back...

...over more than 60 years of history. An exciting and moving story that has made us what we are today: one of the leading eyewear companies in the world.

  • 1956

    OUR STORY unfolds in 1956 in Japan, in the city of Sabae, when our founder Kaoru Horikawa started manufacturing spare parts for the optical industry.
    His success in this field led him to ask, “Why don’t we just make the entire product?” And so the history of CHARMANT Group took its course…

  • 1975

    By developing innovative products and establishing our own brands, the CHARMANT Group was able to expand its business. Thanks to our integrated manufacturing and sales system, our company had turned into a thriving manufacturer of high-quality eyewear frames by the mid-70s.

  • 1980

    The CHARMANT Group began expanding beyond Japan’s borders on a global level. As an innovator in the processing of high-quality titanium in eyewear frames, the name CHARMANT soon became synonymous with quality within the industry.

  • 1982

    With the establishment of our US subsidiary, we became the first Japanese eyewear company to set up a branch in another country. And our expansion didn’t stop there…

  • 1987

    The CHARMANT Group took its first steps into Europe with the foundation of a subsidiary in Germany. This was also the perfect time for the launch of our premier CHARMANT titanium collection.
    The complete production of all frame components made of titanium was an absolute unique selling proposition for the time. What is obvious today was a breakthrough in research and a complete market novelty back then. A new phase began for the CHARMANT Group and within the optical industry our company sealed its reputation as the leader in the production of premium titanium frames.

  • 1994

    We opened two more European offices – this time in France and in the UK.

  • 1995

    The CHARMANT Group reached another milestone in its history by starting to build trusting licensing partnerships, several of which still exist today.

  • 2006

    Our subsidiary in China was born.

  • 2009

    After 8 years of research and development, the CHARMANT Group launched a new super flexible titanium alloy called “Excellence TitanTM”. The properties of this material underlie the superior eyewear functionality found in our Line Art CHARMANT collection that was launched at the same time.

  • Today

    Today we are one of the leading frame producers in the world, with a direct sales network in key markets and more than 4 million eyewear frames produced. Together with our valued distribution partners, our products are offered almost everywhere in the world. Over the years, we have become the true titanium specialists.