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CHARMANT celebrates Line Art's 10th anniversary in the US

10 years of joy in wearing glasses

The Line Art Charmant collection was launched in the US 10 years ago. It was created with the goal of achieving the ultimate in frame wearing comfort, a level of comfort unknown in the world to date. However, it took a lot of time and effort before Line Art could be launched. Many people did their utmost to make this special eyewear collection reality.

The key to Line Art’s comfort lies in the flexibility of the material, the way it gently springs back and provides optimum pressure to lightly embrace the wearer’s head.  No conventional metal alloy could provide what was required and the search for such a metal led CHARMANT to create its own—Excellence Titan. This advanced eyewear material is the result of an eight-year joint development project with the Institute for Materials at Tohoku University.

Beyond its comfort value, highly original and visually stunning frame designs contribute to Line Art’s appeal. Temples feature a mix of undulating waves, rhythmical accents and abundant colour variations that are not only beautifully striking but carefully executed to maximise the properties of Excellence Titan. The intricate designs are formed using CHARMANT’s proprietary technology, laser micro welding, which results in literal works of art.  Thanks to the laser micro welding technique, the smallest parts can be connected without affecting the material properties.

“Occasionally I see other frames that seem to be attempting to copy our designs, but they can never quite be replicated. I believe this is due to our foremost interest in providing ultimate wearing comfort, unifying the material with our manufacturing methods. I’m sure wearers feel the difference as soon as they try on a pair and express surprise at the gentle embrace of the frame,” says Yoshiko Mizuno, a Line Art designer.

Customers frequently wonder at the Line Art feeling of lightness and stability and the impressive fit and ask how this is attained. We respond that each style is born out of seeds of creativity, passion and ingenuity and an inherent promise that Line Art frames always bring joy and happiness to its wearers.