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Charmant Group's new President and CEO

Masakiyo Honjo, new President and Chief Executive Officer of the CHARMANT Group from March 26th

Following the most recent shareholder and board meetings CHARMANT Group announces the appointment of Mr. Masakiyo HONJO as President and Chief Executive Officer of CHARMANT Inc., effective March 26, 2020.  

Mr. Honjo started his career at CHARMANT’s Japanese factory in Sabae over 30 years ago and has since then undertaken several key leadership positions in CHARMANT locations in Europe, North America and Asia. As well as overseeing global product development and planning since 2002, he was Chief Operating Officer of the International Division before becoming President & CEO of CHARMANT’s U.S. subsidiary in 2018. Honjo’s significant international expertise and multi-disciplinary experience, from manufacturing, development and innovation to sales and marketing, will serve him and CHARMANT Group well in his new role.

“It’s an extraordinary and exciting moment for me to be able to lead CHARMANT Group - one of the world’s preeminent manufacturers of top quality, superior comfort eyewear. I am proud to work with my passionate CHARMANT colleagues whose unfailing innovation and drive to deliver consistently high-quality eyewear and medical devices is a remarkable achievement,” said Mr. Honjo.

From its very first moment, CHARMANT has resolutely pursued cutting-edge technology, innovation and creativity. This path has led the company to make products that are the ultimate expression of comfort. The new appointee confirms that, “CHARMANT will continue to advance our efforts and take on new challenges, and through our products, will contribute to the wellbeing of society and the sustainability of the environment.”

While taking time to announce this positive news, CHARMANT is also mindful of the serious pandemic affecting thousands of people around the globe. “I am truly hopeful that the spread of this infection ceases quickly, and I would like to take this opportunity to send out my good wishes for the health and safety of all of our customers, employees, their families and loved ones all over the world,” said Mr. Honjo.