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MIDO 2024: CHARMANT x FAPI Unveil Exclusive Collaboration

Join us on Saturday, 3 February 2024, for insights into the resurgence of CHARMANT in Italy and the dynamic partnership with FAPI Eyeworld.

Join us for an exclusive press breakfast at MIDO as we celebrate the dynamic collaboration between CHARMANT Group and FAPI Eyeworld in Italy. Hosted by the CHARMANT team and Alessandro Paone, CEO of FAPI Eyeworld, this event offers insights into the resurgence of CHARMANT in Italy.

Meet us on Saturday, 3 February 2024, at 10 am on the CHARMANT stand: pavillion 1, K14 K22 L13 L21.

Curious to delve deeper into the world of FAPI Group? In the following, we had the opportunity to interview Alessandro and gain insights into FAPI's collaborative approach and work ethics.

CHARMANT is back in Italy: How have the first months been?

When we started talking with CHARMANT about a possible collaboration in Italy, I immediately perceived that spirit that has always characterised my work and that of my team. For both, the desire to fight and reaffirm those typical values of the brand and the quality of a one-of-a-kind product that perhaps had not found the right mix to establish itself in Italy was evident. We decided to work on a new concept that we can summarise in the claim: CHARMANT is BACK! This philosophy guides our work in these first months of launching the glasses in Italy, making us appreciated and known as if we were the Italian branch of the Japanese brand. The approach I wanted to give is precisely that of a united and cohesive working group also with the parent company that transmits all the values and principles of Japanese philosophy and a company that is CHARMANT Italia. The first feedback is very positive also because we have adopted a new approach to sales, after-sales services, assistance and marketing support for the stores.

2024 is THE year: What is planned for the brands of CHARMANT in cooperation with FAPI?

The year 2024 opens with the most important trade show in the world, MIDO, in which we want to introduce ourselves to all Italian opticians and understand who will be our partners in this new adventure. It will be "the year" because after a short trial period in the past months, we are ready with the whole team and the sales network of representatives alongside the opticians. 2024 will also be the launch in Italy of Minamoto. An exciting brand that already enjoys great popularity in other countries as it authentically tells the origin of the CHARMANT Group and Japanese eyewear craftsmanship while interpreting it in a modern way.

Why is MIDO so important for FAPI and CHARMANT?

MIDO is the most important moment because it is the trade show that best presents new products and which is aimed at a very large audience from all over the world. It's a showcase on the world where you can't not be there. We are confident, and the many events already on the agenda are proof of this, that it will be an extraordinary event for everyone and in particular for us at CHARMANT. Today this sector is both conservative but also innovative. There is always more research and development of materials and products. Only those who are able to intercept these changes with the right speed and with the right approach will see their efforts rewarded.

At the end of the interview, a personal question: What inspires and motivates you for your work?

I only know three ingredients to achieve results in any job, and these are: work, passion and planning. Only by committing ourselves every day, in all aspects, smoothing out the details, and taking care not to forget the objective will we be able to reach our goal. In life, I have a passion for running, and I can assure you that just like in a marathon, training is not enough. You need courage, stubbornness, the desire to start again, heart, and a mindset beyond your legs to get to the finish line. And above all, I believe that the path we are taking is already a great source of satisfaction, given the decisions we make and the people who support us on this journey. Our race is still long, but I hope we can reach the last meters with the awareness of having done everything possible and having no regrets. "The marathon is run for 30 km with the legs, 10 km with the head, 2 km with the heart and 195 meters with tears in the eyes."