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Spread the Energy!

ad lib is all about living life and loving colour.

Ad Lib is an expression of freedom and optimism in dynamic eyewear looks that are on-trend and influenced by the worlds of fashion, sport, technology and music. Always stylish, the frames are made of premium titanium, enabling high levels of comfort and flexibility.

Nicolas, our Ad Lib designer in Paris, has been involved in the development of these cool looks from the beginning. When asked where he gets his inspiration from, he replies: “My design ideas are motivated by everything I like or what moves me. I love design items in any variation: sculptures, furniture, fashion, photography – everything can be very inspiring in terms of volume, colours and details. And quite often my ideas simply come from things that I happen to encounter in the street.”

The Ad Lib looks confirm this variety of inspirations. Whatever design idea is behind each individual style, they all have one thing in common: each ad lib frame makes life more colourful and spreads positive energy.

Ad Lib is made for all those life-loving women and men who want to wear eyewear that expresses exactly this positive attitude to life.

Are you one of these life-lovers?