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How titanium glasses bring additional comfort into your life

Comfort is an inner sensation that we strive for every moment of our lives. It’s a satisfying condition where everything feels exactly right. Once you have it, you know it instantly. With all the challenges that daily life brings, we know that it’s a huge relief for eyeglass wearers not to have to worry about the inconvenience of uncomfortable or even headache-inducing frames.

Because we want to give our wearers a carefree feeling, we have set ourselves the goal of achieving the best wearing comfort in our CHARMANT eyewear. We spend a great deal of time and effort optimising the design and construction of our frames over and over again.

And how do we do that?

Our frames are developed by our in-house true experts, specialists who know exactly what is important in achieving the best wearing comfort. There are several important factors that help to make eyewear really comfortable to wear:

  • A weightless feel is one of the most important aspects in eyewear comfort which is why we mostly choose lightweight titanium as the main material for our CHARMANT collections. Our in-depth titanium expertise helps us attain the best fit by optimally combining different titanium materials.
  • Flexibility is the next key comfort factor. A flexible, yet stable temple ensures that the frame not only sits securely, it also minimises pressure to the head, which in turn means less wearing stress.
  • Temple adjustability is another essential aspect, allowing frames to be easily regulated for the best fit.

Our titanium frames are the result of years of research and development in the field of wearing comfort, efforts that we continue to pursue steadily. This makes CHARMANT titanium frames the perfect and most comfortable eyewear companions for every occasion.