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CHARMANT Inc. developed and designed the frame part of TDK Corporation’s smart glasses which were unveiled at CES 2023.

CHARMANT Inc. (Headquarters: Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture; President: Masakiyo Honjo; hereinafter CHARMANT) announced that at the TDK Corporation (Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Noboru Saito; hereinafter "TDK") booth at CES 2023, the world's largest technology trade show, held in Las Vegas, USA from January 5 to 8, 2023, the smart glasses for which CHARMANT developed and designed the frame part were unveiled.

These smart glasses are equipped with a piezo sound demonstrator manufactured by TDK and incorporate a bone-conduction speaker developed and designed especially for smart glasses by Onkyo Corporation (Location: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture; President: Munenori Otsuki). By incorporating the bone-conduction speaker into the end tips (the part of the frame that rests on the ears), not only has CHARMANT created a stylish and cohesive design, it has also ensured optimal glasses wearing comfort. Most smart glasses on the market today are made of resin frames, which, although lightweight, tend to be large in volume, making it difficult to adjust the lateral pressure on the head (the force that pinches the temporal area).

The front part of this newly developed frame is made of lightweight, high-strength titanium. The temples are made of Z-titanium, a flexible material with excellent springiness, to optimize the lateral pressure on the head. This enables a frame design that does not burden the wearer even after extended wear.
These features were made possible by CHARMANT’s advanced processing technology cultivated through the manufacture of eyewear frames such as "Line Art CHARMANT," a long-time customer favorite thanks to its supreme comfort. Developed for the international market, these frames have been meticulously designed to be comfortable to wear using CHARMANT’s long accumulated European and American head shape and size data.

CHARMANT continues to develop frames for the smart glasses market, which is expected to expand in the future, both in Japan and overseas, including OEM products.

About CES

CES is the world's largest technology trade show, bringing together the latest high-tech products and innovators from around the world. It is organized by the Consumer
Technology Association (CTA)® and held every January in Las Vegas, USA.